We provide maps, applications and data that are designed to help you recognize and manage possible incidents as they occur, to avoid negative impact to your site or assets

Situational awareness is important for effective decision making. Without it, errors could occur with disastrous consequences. 

Situational awareness tracking requires the interoperability of a Common Operating Picture (COP), using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to provide a single source of data, on going information gathering, and scene evaluation to properly recognize possible issues at a work site. This solution supports emergency management response personnel and stakeholders involved, or affected by an incident


Every information is analyzed and delivered in the form of interactive maps, analytics dashboards, customer reporting, access to derived datasets, or applications. Every information we deliver is prioritized and organized to ensure that time- sensitive data is not only transmitted and delivered effectively, but also appropriately filtered to raise the most critical information to the forefront of the decision maker in a timely manner