• What vehicles have come and gone at my facility over the last 6 months, how often did they come back and where did they go to?

  • What is the total time utilization at a specific berth at my port? What about all berths?

  • What aircraft have landed at our offshore platforms over the last week, what was the total human capacity percentage on board?  What other platforms did it visit?

  • What is the real time pressure readings at all of my pipeline compressor stations?

40Geo has the expertise to leverage and synthesize IoT feeds coming from remote locations in order to create context to the multitude of sensor providers.  We can help you make holistic sense of edge devices in order to contextualize the current situation.  We do this by taking all sensors from a location and putting them on a map and logically displaying them to easily detect anomalies in real-time.  Text and spatial data notifications will help provide remote operations managers with the confidence they know what is happening in real-time at all remotely monitored assets.  40Geo is not a sensor provider but rather a provider of systems that can make spatial sense of the real world.